Gifted Gourmet Dinners

Imagine the opportunity to taste a gourmet dinner "whipped" up for you and your loved ones or friends, so you can have a cozy night in enjoying the company of one another?  Open a bottle of wine, take your time having a freshly made, delectable dinner from the first course to the last.

This is an option for you and your group!  You will have a choice of three menus to pick from, and believe us, they are all delicious.

About Chef Matt Ranfranz

Matt Ranfranz was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota where his love for cooking began at a young age.  As a teenager, he loved spending time in the kitchen with his mom and grandmother, learning family recipes.  In high school, he worked as a line cook at the Rochester Athletic Club where he found enjoyment in creating dishes along with a high school cooking class, Creative Foods/Foods for Life.  This experience, early on, led to his decision to pursue a culinary arts degree at Saint Paul College.  

While in school, he worked at the established Grand Avenue D'Amico & Sons in St. Paul.  After graduation, Matt began working in fine-dining established throughout the Twin Cities and worked up the kitchen ranks from prep cook to sous chef, and finally becoming an Executive Chef at multiple well-known restaurants.  Some of these include the Hotel Minneapolis, Borough & Parlour, The Happy Gnome, Normandy Hotel, The Como Zoo, and Common Roots Catering.  

In 2016, he returned to Rochester and has since been a Chef at Mayo Clinic-St. Mary's Hospital, Le Petit Cafe, Pescara and Rochester Golf and Country Club.  With his experience from the Twin Cities/Rochester food scenes, Chef Matt decided to pursue working as a private chef for multiple high-end families in Minnesota and served a multitude of clients his newest culinary concept, The Gifted Gourmet - a Modern Chef Service.

Matt has a passion for creativity, finding balance in every component of a dish, and is passionate about delivering unforgettable experiences with his modern, yet refined touch.  His enthusiasm for cooking is contagious, and his personal nature is engaging and relaxed.

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