Our Own B&B...

About five years after buying the old farm house, Sandy said, “You know – if we were ever to have our own B&B, Lanesboro would be the perfect place for it. Why don’t we look for some land near Lanesboro?” So, we drew a five-mile radius around Lanesboro and began to explore all the back roads. We didn’t find anything that seemed right, and just as we were beginning to feel pretty discouraged - we had one more road to turn onto – we took the gravel road just east of where Sacred Clay Farm now sits.

We came up to the top of the hill and took in the gorgeous view. Down below was a lovely farmhouse, red barn, silo, corn field, cows – a view right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Sandy exclaimed, “Now this is what I had in mind!” We drove on by the property. The mailbox said Overland Farm. I recall saying, “Well, this might be what you have in mind, but it’s not for sale!”

We drove past Overland Farm down the hill into the valley, made a couple of right turns and after a mile or so we found ourselves right by where our mailbox now stands, and there was a “For Sale” sign. As it turns out, it was the west half of the Overland Farm, and it was for sale!

We called the realtor and two weeks later we owned it! One hundred three acres – about half tillable farm land and the other half wooded.

Now, it’s one thing to own some land, and quite another to build and run a B&B. But, we were in no hurry. We owned the land and thought that even if we never got around to building a B&B, at least the land was a good investment.

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